I'm Kristine Bitsch

Communication and Medias Strategy

  • Age 24
  • E-mail kristinebitsch92@gmail.com
  • Phone + 45 2336 7448
  • Lives in Aarhus, Central region, Denmark
  • From Hjallerup, Nordjylland region, Denmark

Who am I? – you might ask.

As your college and/or employee:

I’m the person who do everything in her power to make a good, stable and positive work environment. I think that a good work environment is the fundamental factor for a company to succeed. If the employees feel comfortable and confident, it will give room for efficient communication, which leads to efficient work and teamwork. I’m the one who is always supportive about social events, and I will gladly plan one.

I’m the person who like to challenge, what I call “the because we used to factor”. The issues that in branding and marketing is called the conformity traps. You hire me because you need to see everything from a new perspective. I see possibilities in everything, literally everything. I’m extremely good at thinking outside the box. I’m curious and always willing to learn something new.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


WordPress 70%
Adobe Photoshop 20%
Adobe InDesign 75%
Adobe Illustrator 80%
Adobe Premiere Pro 70%
Adobe After Effects 30%
Avid Media Composer 65%
Mailchimp 70%


Product pictures


79228_27152 79229_27178 79212_27179 79208_27180

This is some of the product pictures I made during my internship at Datamarked.dk

Mr. Birdy


This picture is a picture I’ve taken during a trekking trip in Thailand.

Little Miss Thailand



A picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is a picture I’ve taken during a trekking trip in Thailand. As a part of the trip, we stayed in a small village in the mountains, in the area by the name Umphang. In this village I met this little girl. I introduced her for my camera and she figured  to pose for me when the camera was pointing at her.



I made a lot of different movies during the course in movie and tv making. Of course in cooporation with my study group. The beautiful thing about movies, is that it tells it’s story by itself.

Kunsten at turde


I made a lot of different movies during the course in movie and tv making. Of course in cooporation with my study group. The beautiful thing about movies, is that it tells it’s story by itself.


UX design

This is a website i designed during my multimedia designer education, in cooperation with my studygroup. The website is developed for a music festival by the name Vibstock. The festival takes place in Viborg and gives young musicians the possibility of trying their skills in a professional setting.

Aal Homeless

Graphic design


This is a logo I’ve designed for the organization Aal Homeless. The organization helps the homeless people in Aalborg. The volunteers collects warm clothes and other things the homeless might need. The organization started as a private initiative, but quickly got a lot of media attention. Therefore they asked me to make them a simple logo.


Graphic design

This is a logo I designed for the association, Støvring LanZone. SLZ is an association which organizes gaming events 4 times per year. My brother plays computer games and always complain about what he calls ”headset hair”. So I found it obvious to make a headset, a part of the logo.


Graphic design


This is a visual identity I’ve designed, for a blog named TekTime I had together with my partner a few years ago. The blog doesn’t exist anymore. The purpose of TekTime was to share good advice, guides and information about IT complications that you often experience in your daily life. I also wrote about the newest consumer technology. We worked hard to make the blog as easy to understand for anybody, as possible.




Graphic design


I designed this logo for a Facebook page I started a couple of years ago. But it sadly doesn’t exist anymore. The Facebook page had the purpose of minimalizing food waste.


2016 - present


Call Center Employee

My job is to process taxi bookings. In this job I've learned how to be service minded, even though the costumers can't see me. I've learned that the taxi industry contains way more than you might think.


Volkswagen Aalborg

Weekend Employee

In this job my responsibility was to make all the cars in the showroom and outside look their best. Beside that, my job was to drive the demo cars to the front of the showroom, when a costumer wanted to take a car for a test drive.




During my internship at Datamarked.dk, my job was to take product photos, edit them and upload to the webshop.


Brainstorm CrossMedia


During this internship, I got a basic knowledge in Adobe After Effects and I got even better at editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. I learned to make a review of the marked and keep a good dialog/contact with costumers. I improved my filming, sound making and movie editing skills.

2014 - 2015

Dana cup

Video Photographer

I learned how to structure a reportage from the perspective of a journalist and how to plan a competition on social media.
I improved my skills within filming, editing and sound making.

2005 - 2014



I have obtained a very good
comprehension of pedagogy. I
have been working as a leader, teacher and I've been planning social events, both locally and nationally.

2012 - 2013

Dronninglund Hotel

Delivery woman

My job was to deliver food to the elders in North Jutland.

2007 - 2015

Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center

Wardrobe Personnel

I learned to be service minded no matter what the behavior of the costumer is and how hectic the situation is.



Communication and Media Strategy , PBA degree


2015 - 2016

Foundation course in movie and TV making

Media College Denmark

2013 - 2015

Multimedia Designer, AP degree


2009 - 2012

HTX, idea and design

Aalborg Tekniske Gymnasium



Protect the environment - for your future, Switzerland

Rural Youth Europe and 4H

At this course, I learned how to take care of the environment, in a rural perspective. We discussed and developed methods that we (the participants) could use locally.


Reach your potential! Developing youth leadership in rural communities, Poland

Rural Youth Europe and 4H

At this course, I was taught different project managing and leadership methods. One of the assignments we had, was to develop a solution to a problem one of the participants had at home. The problems were often social challenges in the area they lived in.


Be active - get opportunities in life, Slovenia

Rural Youth Europe and 4H

At this course, we discussed how we could use our experience from volunteering, in a job situation. We heard many different presentations of people who had success finding a job, because of volunteering in an organization.


  • Kristine is very responsible and does her work with great diligence and interest. Kristine is always happy and smiling and since custom service is a great part of the job these qualities have been highly valued.

  • Kristine is always positive, engaged, Innovative and dutiful. Kristine always takes on new assignments with high spirits and a smile on her face.

  • “Strong guts” Are the first words that pops into my mind when I think of Kristine. Through my teamwork with Kristine, I noticed her passion for her work. She is never afraid of going for the good, but sometimes difficult, shots during a shooting and she always contributes with ideas for the editing of a video. Besides that, she showed her sincerity by throwing herself at working with motion graphics in after Effects. Her approach spreads a motivational feel among her colleagues.

    Sebastian Sander, CEO Brainstorm CrossMedia
  • Kristine has a lot of drive and she never stops before the assignment is done. She is easy to work with and takes initiative to work with new and exciting subjects. Therefor I gladly recommend her. Kristine are right person for the employer who wishes for a glad and dedicated employee.

  • Some of the things that have been remarkable about Kristine is as follows:

    - Works well independently
    - Shows interest for her field of work
    - She is responsible
    - When has been given a new assignment, she puts her mind into it and do effective research
    - She is kind to her colleagues
    - Shows up for work on time
    - Follows up on her work
    - Has an eye for details


  • Movies
  • Photographing
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Animals
  • Coffee
  • Food


Sorry. I'm not available on those days


Feel free to contact me!

  • E-mail kristinebitsch92@gmail.com
  • Phone +45 23 36 74 48
  • Lives in Aarhus, Central region, Denmark
  • From Hjallerup, Northern region, Denmark